Tavira, Why is it so Unique?

Hello and welcome to our site.  The aim of which is to enhance your stay in Tavira by providing you with useful information and resources about what Tavira Today in the 21st century is all about. 

Whether you are just visiting the Algarve, on business or looking to stay a while longer in this beautiful part of Portugal,we hope this site will be of benefit to you.



It is situated in the Eastern Algarve in the deep south of Portugal about 30 minutes west of the Spanish border.The nearest airport is Faro,which is also about 30-45 minutes west by car depending on whether you use the toll motorway the A22 or the N125


Well we live here and think it is a great place to be. Whether just for a visit or longer term as a place to make your home.

When we first visited this area finding Accommodation in Tavira was not particularly easy. There were no informative websites and our knowledge of the area was limited. This has changed dramatically over the past 14 years. 

Though it was a holiday it was also part of an overall plan which was to assess whether this was the place for us to settle.

First impressions are so important and our immediate ‘gut’ feeling was that this was the place for us to settle. The initial impression of the town itself was white and bright.

That was a few years ago now and we still feeel that way now.

 The people, the culture, the ambiance, the relaxing nature of the town all lend itself to developing a more balanced lifestyle.

Tavira is a living town (although it does have city status we still think it has the feel of a town) which encourages people to come to stay and enjoy the beauty of it’s structures both new and old. To taste the wonderful flavours of it´s food in one of the many great restaurants and savour the Portuguese wines is a very special experience. Engage and and mix with the residents who are some of the most hospitable people we have come across.

Accommodation in Tavira is easy to find, good quality hotels, guesthouses, many apartments and villas to rent, ranging in size and location. Have a look at our accommodation page and hopefully you will be able to find something that suits your needs

Apartmento Vista21




Stage Praça de Republica Tavira


Banda de Tavira Santos Populares Rua Dr. José Pires Padinha Tavira



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