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Well Tavira-Today is a partnership, it is also a marriage and within that marriage there are two very different people with one common goal. To enjoy life and encourage those around them to enjoy it with them. We live in Santa Luzia. The writer has been here just over a year whilst his partner in crime has lived here for about four years now. We hail from two different continents so it seems appropriate that we now reside in a country neither of us are from. We are here through fate and the influence of a couple of Portuguese friends.

The story

In 2004 we were living and working in the UK. We had decided to look for a property overseas and had been having trips to Italy and Spain initially. We found a wonderful area in Puglia, Italy but the flights to here from the North of England were difficult. Spain seemed a better option and a friend of ours suggested an area near Cartegena in Murcia province. So we had a look and liked what we saw. It was important for us to be in an area of locals and not an expat community that would be dead out of season so we found a pleasant resort that was used by Spanish tourists but also had a real community feel about it. Excellent, next part of the process was choosing a property.

Before that though we had a trip to the Czech republic where Wendy was working and I joined her for my birthday, so it must have been in May. We had a great time and spent most of the evenings in the company of a couple of Portuguese from Lisbon. We started telling them about our desire for a property overseas and explained to then where we had been looking. Well they looked at us in dismay and asked why we hadn´t considered Portugal. The thought had never crossed our minds. I knew nothing about the country apart from Eusabio being one of my childhood heros. Wendy had been to the Algarve to visit relatives but was not impressed. They explained that the Algarve was a great place but you must travel east not west towards the Spanish border. Well they had me convinced at least .

More about this another time!!

We will not divulge too much personal information but we hope that you find this section interesting. The thought for this page came after an afternoon listening to English football. And then realising that the smell of the Orange blossom was so stunning and unique that the football really didn´t matter that much.

What was important was where we were and what we want from this stage in our lives.

By the way we support different teams and the writer who is male is more passionate than the wife of the writer. Ok so my team won handsomely. But the orange blossom smell and birds chirping in the background still pervades.

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