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I know the French have a reputation for drinking coffee, similar to that of the Italians. Even the British have in recent years jumped on the coffee bandwagon and developed a penchant for Latte, Mocha and Cappuccino. But the love of coffee does not necessarily mean that one is living in a Café culture or Café Society. The Portuguese however definitely are. The average Portuguese does not start to function until he/she have had their first bica (expresso).

But there is so much more to it than a caffeine rush and the need for the attached stimulation. The café is the equivalent of the British local pub. It is where the family meets on a Sunday morning, it is where friends congregate before going for a meal and it is where the local gossip is created and transferred around the village/town.

We have also been bitten by the bug and although our coffee consumption is low compared with some of the other locals, we just love going to our local cafes. So here are a few our favourites Tavira cafes. Please let us know yours.

Our favourite Tavira Cafes

Padaria Vila Docé Santa Luzia

This is probably our favourite café. It is located on the main street in Santa Luzia and according to the female partner they have the best cakes in the area. For me they also produce excellent coffee. They are a traditional bakery producing their wares on site. Their bread is of the highest standard.

Cafe Arcada Santa Luzia

Great family concern who are always friendly and willing to help.

Cafe de Ville Santa_Luzia

Found in the centre of Santa Luzia near the church. Run by local boy Luis Gonçalves, this is the focal point of our part of Santa Luzia. Great place.

Saboreia Chá e Café Gran Plaza Tavira

This is a tea and coffee emporium that also serves great coffee and tea as well as wonderful cookies. Stop by after your visit to the shops.

CafeArcada Tavira

This is our favourite ´watching people´café right on the Praça da Republica in the centre of Tavira. Great place to sit see the tourists and locals and relax. Great service by lovely people

Café Santa Luzia Santa Luzia

This is a great locals café in Santa Luzia. Open from very early for the local fishermen.

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