Santa Luzia Fishing

The village was originally based upon fishing. That is not to say that it

isn´t now. Just that the income stream for the village has swung more

towards tourism over the past few years. But fishing is in the soul here

and the men and women involved in this incredible industry are very

proud of their roots, heritage, and responsibility to maintain and

continue the profession in the village.

I sense many of the fishermen find the tourists something of an

instrusion into their simple lives. Also maybe a smattering of envy when

the Portuguese from the North parade through the streets in their open

top Mercedes and perceived arrogant and patronising smiles. But the

Portuguese have a very long history of traveling the world and looking

for new and better places to make a living. And they still do. There are

more Portuguese that live outside of Portugal than within.

Sadly we have friends who are looking at present to re-locate in other

countries in Europe because they are unable to attain the levels of

income to sustain their lives here in Portugal. Very sad but that is the

reality of Portugal at the moment. Unemployment rises by the day,

further restrictions are constantly being imposed on the local fishermen,

recent increases in VAT on restaurant food together with the tolls on

local motorways is having a big impact on incomes from tourism. And of

course the whole of Europe is feeling the pinch from the economic


The original idea of this page was to show the fishing boats of Santa

Luzia. But as usual I have been distracted into other issues affecting

the village.

The fishermen continue to provide the best Octopus to our local

restaurants. This in turn attracts visitors throughout the year to sample

the delights of the local Polvo (Octopus) that is prepared superbly in

various forms by the local chefs. I must admit my previous experience of

Octopus did not encourage me to try it again. But, living in the 'Capital

of the Polvo´ I felt duty bound to keep trying it. I now can say that it is

another wonderful type of seafood that I enjoy and would certainly

recommend the great local Santa Luzia restaurants to sample this

delight of the sea.

I am a newcomer to the village and my Portuguese is poor. The locals

are very welcoming despite my deficiencies . Hopefully over the next

few years I will find out more about how the local fishermen work and

think. They have my utmost respect in what they continue to do and

may they farm the seas for many years to come. Obrigodinha Santa

Luzia Pescadores!!


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