Santo Estevao

The parish of Santo Estevao is located in the Barrocal area. The land between the coast and the mountain. At the last census there were 1195 inhabitants spread across 2640 hectares. The population is mainly involved in farming and in particular citrus production.

However, in recent year rural tourism is becoming increasingly important to the local economy.

The parish dates back to the sixteenth century (1597) when the production of carob, fig, almond, wine, lime, wood, charcoal and hunting played an important role in economic growth. Craft activities that still persist are wicker or cane basketry, lace, plank chairs. In terms of food, sausages and other products derived from pork, homemade bread, sweets, almond and dried fruit characterize this area of the county.

Street in Santo Estêvão, Tavira

Parish church in Santo Estêvão, Tavira

Street in Santo Estêvão, Tavir
Parish church in Santo Estêvão, Tavira

At the heart of Santo Estevao village is the Church. This building, originally a late medieval hermitage, evolved throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and in 1903, its main portal was rebuilt.

Streets of Santo Estevão

Streets of Santo Estevão, Tavir

The village comprises many typical Algarve houses with the ubiquitous local style chimney. There are cafe´s and with parapets cut out under the blue sky.The surrounding countryside presents a tranquil backcloth to the busy summer beaches and provides the visitor with alternative hiking and birdwatching opportunities or alternatively the chance just to relax and unwind.

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