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One part of the Tavira-Today partnership knows her art and has for many years collected fine art that appeals to her. The other partner although not having the same breadth of knowledge knows what he likes. Suffice to say the writer is no
expert but an enthusiast.

Tavira has a valid reputation of being a cultural city that attracts artists of all types. Maybe it is the beauty of the old buildings or the fabulous beaches or the sensual sunsets or luminous light.´

Probably a combination of all of these and many more factors. The City also has a reputation for promoting art of all types whether it be as an exhibition in the Palácio da Galeria or one promoted by local enthusiast such as the Casa 5 which describes itself as ' Casa 5 is a meeting point for local and international artists of different disciplines to show new work and to share and explore new ideas and initiatives.

We have recently been lucky to have had the opportunity to visit a small exhibition in Tavira of the works of a Lisboan artist , Véronique Barbier Telo. Véronique was born in Paris in 1960, the daughter of a French father and Portuguese mother.

She spent her early adolescent years in Paris before moving to Lisboa in 1980. Some of her roots though are definitely in the Algarve with many family members living in Tavira. She states as one of her major influences the painter Malangatana ,(Malangatana Valente Ngwenya was a Mozambican painter and poet who died on January 2011 in Matosinhos, Portugal.) who she says developed her love of the colours of Africa.

For me her paintings are a blend of the art and colours of the African continent and the personification of the human form by French artist Gaugain There is a vibrancy that bounces out from the canvas and says you have to look even if you don´t like me.

Well we certainly liked (and bought) and we hope you will when you see the photgraphs of some of her works below and on the right hand side.

Véronique has had a number of successful exhibitions throughout Portugal and this was her second time in Tavira. We hope she will return again soon

Her exhibitions to date include :

Exposição Individual - Casa André Pilarte, Tavira 2011
Exposição Individual - Museu da Terra e do Mar, Aljezur 2011
Exposição Colectiva - Mertolarte, Martola 2012
Exposição Colectiva - Hospital Santa Maria, Lisboa 2012
Exposição Individual - Casa André Pilarte, Tavira 2012











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