Whether you are 18 or 66 you might want to extend your evenings by going to one of the great Tavira Clubs. A great way of releasing some of that stored up energy and getting rid of the excess food you have eaten at one of the great restaurants in the City or one of the local villages.

Some of the clubs specialise specifially for live music and others are into DJ music of various types. Others just open in the Summer. As a guide for you we have listed those that we are aware of below.

Tavira Clubs

Cenas Tavira

Rua José Joaquim Jara, 94 B 8800 Tavira, Portugal

Tel:962 728 904 or 919 372 592

  • Specialises in Live events
  • Music of all different types
  • Great small venue run by young locals

Latino Club Tavira

Tel: 281 326 049

Open - all year round

Thu Sun: 9:00 pm - 4:00 am Fri -Sat: 9:00 pm - 6:00 am

  • Nightclub with a variety of styles and types of music
  • Specialises in Dance Music
  • Special DJ´s as well as in-house



Tel : 969689208

Open: Fri - Sat: 10:30 pm - 6:00 am

  • Nightclub with a variety of styles and types of music
  • Specialises in Dance Music
  • Live Music

Clube de Tavira

Clube de TaviraRua da Liberdade, nº 23 8800-399 Tavira

Tel: 912 521 139

The club was founded in Tavira August 7, 1876 and has the status of Cultural and Recreational Association, nonprofit

A wonderful choice of live music is provided with Portuguese Jazz a speciality

Wonderfulbeachclub Tavira

Rua Almirante Cândido dos Reis 8800-318 Tavira

Tel : 935 289 905

Opens the 14 July

All sorts of dance music with local and guest DJ´s

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