Tavira Security and Utilities Information

The information on this page is in a list form to try and make it easier for you to access the number or information that you require. It is not a fancy webpage with glitter and marvelous photographs. Hopefully you won´t need to use it.

On a serious note the first organisation mentioned the Bombeiros is the equivalent to the Fire Brigade in other countries. They seem to have greater responsibility here in Portugal. Like many organisations they rely greatly on public support. They are a wonderful group of people so if you get the chance to help them, please do.

Fire Station in Tavira

Municipal Fire Department


Largo do Cano - 8800-389 Tavira        Tel: (+351) 281 322 122/3


GNR/ National Guard (for outside of Tavira itself)
Tel: (+351) 281 329 030

PSP / Police (within Tavira)
Tel: (+351) 281 322 022

Capitania Do Porto De Tavira/ Tavira Port Authorities

Tel: (+351) 281 322 438

Policia Maritima / Maritime Police

Tel:(+351) 281 321 777

Director General For Forest Affairs (Fires)

Tel: (+351) 800 261 261
Sos Incêndio Sos Fire 117


Tavira Verde
Tel: (+351) 281 380 620


Tel : (+351) 281 329 580

Avaria Ilumiminação Pública / Street Lighting

Tel: (+351) 800 911 911

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