Tavira Municipal Tennis Courts

Tavira Sport seems to be a replica of what is going on in the

rest of Portugal. Like most countries with a more sunnier

climate than the rest there is an emphasis on outdoor pursuits.

Unlike some that were influenced by the British Empire they do

not specialise in the traditional sports played in those

countries that have been. So Cricket and Rugby are not high on

the list of sports played by the Portuguese.

The influence of the expatriate Commonwealth countries is

developing so that may not remain the case.

The main Tavira sport is Football. Hence the separate section

looking at what is going on in the the Algarve and the rest of


Cycling is one area that Tavira excels in having one of the most

successful professional cycling clubs in the country. Namely

Carmim-Prio the new name for the Clube de Ciclismo de Tavira.


Clube Recreio e Desporto Santaluziense

The Portuguese are passionate about their football whether it be

their local team, or the National team. In our village

we always know when there has been a football match on TV, the

locals let us know with their car horns.

Being remote from the powerhouse's of Portuguese football clubs

has not diminished the interest in those clubs. Each individual

will have it's favourite club based on the the top three from

the North. To such an extent that that there are 'Benfica' and

'Sporting' cafes where only their supporters congregate.

The situation might be changing however with one club from the

Algarve challenging the might of the the northern clubs.

Sporting Clube Olhanense from Olhao (the next District to

Tavira) have been playing in top flight of Portuguese football

for the past two seasons.


C R D Santaluziense

From Santa Luzia play in the Algarve First division. Our local

team play a pitch that is sand based which makes ball control

more difficult. The skill level is remarkably high for a local

football team that gets an excellent level of support from the

small village.

Ginásio Clube de Tavira

The club was formed in 1928 and at it´s peak reach the 3rd

division of the National leagues in 1969. Unfortunately they now

languish in bottom position in the Algarve 2nd division.

Hopefully good times are round the corner.


Futsal for the uninitiated is an organised form of 5 aside

football that is well known in the UK. Generally played indoors,

with unlimited substitutions and using a smaller ball than


Local Futsal Teams

Sonâmbulos Futsal Luzense from Luz de Tavira who play at

Pavilhão Municipal da Luz de Tavira. They compete in

Futsal Nacional - Seniores 3ª. Divisão with the games generally

beginning at 17.00

Leões futebol clube Tavira from Tavira itself who play at

Pavilhão Municipal Drº Eduardo Mansinho on Fridays starting at



The local team is known as Clube de Basquetebol de Tavira. The

senior team play in the Fase Inter-Regional - Zona Sul

at the Pavilhão Municipal Drº Eduardo Mansinho usually on a

Sunday evening starting at 5 o´clock.

They also run a range of junior teams both male and female who

compete in the local Algarve leagues


The Tavira Handball team is known as C VELA TAVIRA and the senior

team play in the Campeonato Nacional 2. Divisao Seniores

Masculinos – 2011/12.

Home matches are also played at Pavilhão Municipal Drº Eduardo

Mansinho usually on a Saturday starting

at 17.00.


Carmim-Prio is a Portuguese professional cycling team based in

Tavira. It is one of the European teams in UCI Continental Tour.

This is the new name for Clube de Ciclismo de Tavira.