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Tavira tourist information for the Tavira Tourist and visitor. We will provide you with information that will enhance your Tavira experience.

Tavira is a very special place as many before us have come to realise. The place is an ideal location to have a wonderful vacation for all ages, the young, families and older mature types, older not so mature types. One and all is welcome to come and have a great stay.

What makes a location so special? With Tavira it's difficult to single out one particular aspect because it is an amalgam of many. The location with the Tavira Ria Formosa providing the beautiful beaches and environment for the flora and fauna that abounds.

Tavira historical development has left a wonderful architectural legacy unique to this part of Portugal. And then there is the people who's warmth in accepting visitors into there home.

Tavira Castle

In addition to this the progressive thinking of the local administrators and politicians has galvanised a positive attitude throughout the area.

Oh we nearly forgot, the  Tavira weather is the best in Europe. Long hot sunny summers days, warm springs and autumns and the winter is so mild. Great place to visit all the year round.

Jardim do Coreto, Tavira

Where do we start. Well I suppose it all depends on what you want out of your stay here. If you are on vacation you will know what type you want. The main thing is to enjoy your stay and immerse yourself in the special qualities of Tavira.

Tavira Castle Gardens, Tavira

Tavira Castle Gardens, Tavira

In Tavira town itself nothing is too far to get to. So do your exploring on foot if possible. Some of the streets can be a bit steep but if like us you are on the wrong side of 21, take your time and space your exercise out. Stop at the various cafes or bars to be found along the way. It's also a great way to people watch ; another of our favourite  pastimes.

See the Tavira Churches  there are plenty of them within walking distance of the city centre. The historic buildings and monuments

Tavira Street

The history of Tavira is immediately felt when you look at the age and style of the buildings and unusual architecture to be found throughout the centre of town.

We will try to put together the areas and buildings of interest together with a few suggested routes to take on foot. One excellent way to get a quick feel for Tavira is to take a short tour on the train that travels round the town.

Stalk on top of an aeriain Tavira ll

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