Ferries are the main way to get to the Tavira Beaches for the visitors. Many of the locals have their own boat which is a great way to visit the beaches as you get to the different nooks and crannies. The ferries from Tavira run all round but in Santa Luzia they run from May to October.

Using the local boats as a taxi to get around is also a lot of fun and if there a group of you doesn’t have to be expensive.


 The three main ferry routes are listed below and we will endeavour to keep the timetables updated. 

Quatro Águas to Ilha de Tavira

The ferry times Verão (Winter) 2019_2020


First boat from Quatro leaves at 9h:30 the last boat leave at 15h:50- The last boat from Ilha de Tavira leaves at 16h:35. Don’t miss it all you will need to get an expensive water taxi. PRICES : RETURN 1.50€

Tavira to Ilha de Tavira

The ferry from Tavira to Ilhe de Tavira for the winter months from November 2019



Santa Luzia to Terra Estreita Ferry

The ferry from Santa Luzia to Praia da Terra Estreita will restart in April/May 2020



The Santa Luzia ferry runs from the village of Santa Luzia to the Terra Estreita beach situated on the Ilha de Tavira. The journey takes approximately 10 minutes and from the jetty there is a short walk to the beach.  The 2020 ferry timetable will be posted as soon as we know it.