The Portuguese Health Service is similar to the one in the UK. There is usually a cottage style hospital in the larger towns and the main citys house the principal hospital.eg. Tavira has the Centro de Saude and the main hospital is in Faro.

The system is seriously underfunded therefore waiting times can be much longer than in your home country.

There are private hospitals that those residents with medical insurance use.

In addition to the Government funded services, there are private doctors in most major towns. Remember to take your E11 card so that you can claim the fess back on your return home. 

For those visitors from the UK, the affects of the proposed withdrawal of the UK from the EU, at the time of writing it is unclear whether the E11 scheme will still be in place in the same format in the future. Please refer to the UK Government website for advice on travel to Portugal and other EU countries.


Centro De Saúde De Tavira/ Tavira Health Centre

Tel: (+351) 281 329 000


Tel: (+351) 281 370 275


Tel: (+351) 289 844 135

Luz De Tavira

Tel : (+351) 281 961 218

Santa Catarina

Tel : (+351) 281 971 547

Santa Luzia


Tel: (+351) 281 381 045

Santo Estevão

Tel: (+351) 281 961 295