Most of the Tavira Beaches are situated on the Ilha de Tavira – One of the Ria Formosa Islands situated off the mainland in this area of Portugal. To get to the beachges usually requires taking a ferry or small train in the case of Barril Beach. (You can walk this section as well)

Albacora Beach (that is a name we have given to it) is on the mainland and sits opposite the Ilha de Tavira opposite the mouth to the sea. This is an easily accessible place if you have a transport and is a wonderful place to relax next to the sea in a very safe area for children. It is frequented by many locals who go there to enjoy the warm waters and a favourite for many local fishermen. 

How to get there

This is a very safe place to swim especially for young children as the water is shallow. The available beach area is much dependant on the tide as is the availability to swim. The higher the tide the more water and less beach. Just be careful if you are relaxing and sun bathing as the tide movement can be catch you out.