Santa Luzia

Santa Luzia village has always been linked and relied upon the produce of the sea. Initially rod and line techniques were used and then from 1842 Tuna became the main catch. Along this part of the Algarve coast there are constant reminders of this more profitable era.

The tuna unfortunately was over fished and over a period of time this industry slowly declined until in the 1970´s the last factory shut down and diversification was required.The fishermen of Santa Luzia had already predicted this probability and from the early 1920´s were developing the natural Octopus resource.

Octopus nets/cages in Santa Luzia

Using traditional techniques of jars and baskets they have developed a profitable industry catching a resource available locally. In addition,they have created a unique niche that has been been promoted with the assistance of the local restaurateurs and this is why the village is now known as the ´Capital of the Polvo(Octopus)


So what of Santa Luzia today. It is currently a haven of cultural diversity. The fishing element is still very strong in everything that happens in the village. The fishermen create an obvious working element that is combined with a progressive attitude to tourism that has developed over the recent years.

Being within the Ria Formosa Natural Park strict planning laws apply and development has been carefully controlled.

The Ria Formosa bay in Santa Luzia

Accommodation is available by the way of Bed and Breakfast locations and in the main by apartments throughout the village. See our Accommodation page

The month of August sees the village come to life with celebrations of the fishing heritage of Santa Luzia together with promoting the ongoing local industries.For a small village it also is able to develop ties with the wider world and promotes links with countries throughout the world.

This is known as EXPOLUZIA and is held usually over the first two weeks of August and incorporates the FESTA dos PESCODORES (Festival of the Fishermen)in the last few days. It is a great party time for the whole village and it´s many guests who come to share in the festivities.

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Casa do Mar Santa Luzia

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Festa dos Pescadores Santa Luzia 2018