Tavira Guesthouses

An alternative form of accommodation in this area is the growing number of Tavira Guesthouses that are becoming increasingly popular.

They range in size and location and have the advantage of providing excellent accommodation with a more personal touch. The quality of Tavira Guesthouses is amazing. Just have a look at some of the reviews.

The Guesthouses  located away from Tavira Town itself give the visitor an opportunity to see the splendid countryside in the more rural part of Tavira. They provide an excellent base for touring the unique Eastern Algarve as well as the towns and villages surrounding Tavira.

Wherever you decide to be based,you are never far from the beautiful beaches that Tavira affords you together with its wonderful restaurant and cafe culture.

The Military Bridge in Tavira

The Military Bridge in Tavira

We have listed below a number of the more popular Tavira Guesthouses available in the Tavira area that go to make up the splendid Tavira Accommodation choices. Contact details and associated websites are included where available.

Have a look at the links provided that will enable you to make your bookings and begin the planning for your wonderful stay in the splendid Tavira area.

Salt Production in Tavira

Bed and Breakfast List

Quinta Do Caracol

Address : Rua de São Pedro nº9,8800 - 405, Tavira
Tel: (+351) 281 322 475
email : geral@quintadocaracol.com
bookings : reservas@quintadocaracol.com

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Vilacampina Guesthouse
Address : Sitio da Campina, CP 991C, Luz de Tavira,
8800-107, Tavira
Tel: (+351) 281 961 242
email : vilacampina@ail.telepac.pt

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Calçada Guesthouse
Address : Calçada de Dona Anna 12
Tel: (+351) 926 563 713
email : info@calcadaguesthouse.com

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Monte Do Álamo Turismo Rural
Address : Poço Do Álamo, C.P. 111-Z,
8800-254, Tavira
Tel: (+351) 281 098 209
email : info@montedoalamo.net

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Quinta Res Ipsa, Tavira
Address : 103P Pocilgais Santa Catarina ,
8800-166, Tavira
Tel: (+00351)28 197 1712
email : info@res-ipsa.eu
bookings : info@res-ipsa.eu

Casa Vale Del Rei Bed and Breakfast
Address : Almargem,8800-053,
Tel: (+351) 281 323099
email : casavaledelrei@hotmail.com

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Casa Camaleon Turismo Rural
Address : Sitio do Valongo
Conceiçao de Tavira
8800-072, Tavira
Tel: (+351) 96321 4259 - (00 351) 28137 0887
email : mail@casacamaleon.net

Casa Viana Guesthouse
Address : Largo Armação da Abóbora, nr. 5
8800-591 Cabanas-de-Tavira
Tel: (+351) 281 325 730

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Tavira House
Address : Dr Rua Miguel Bombarda,
8800-419, Tavira
Tel: (+351 281) 370 307
email : info@tavirahousehotel.com

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Casa Beleza do Sul
Address : Rua Dr. Parreira 43
8800-346 Tavira
Tel: (+351) 960 060 906
email : mail@casabelezadosul.com

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Viva Rio
Address : Rua Dos Pelames Nº1
8800-411, Tavira
Tel: (+351) 914667100 or (+351) 916996153
email : info.vivario@gmail.com

Guesthouse Imperial
Address : Rua José Pires Padinha, 24
8800-354 Tavira
Tel: (+351) 281 098 005
email : residencial.imperial@gmail.com

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Cas al Cubo, Tavira
Address : Sitio da Torre - Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo
8800-167 Tavira
Tel: (+351) 96 042 7255

Quinta da Fonte do Bispo
Address : EN270 CXP 797A,
Tavira, 8800-161
Tel: (+351) 281 971 484
email : info@qtfontebispo.com

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O Pequeno Castelo
Address : Poço das Bruxas Santo Estevão Apartado 107 8801-902 Tavira
Tel: +351 281961692

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Featured Guesthouses

Calçada Guesthouse

Calçada Guesthouse Tavira

Calçada Guesthouse is a unique bed and breakfast located within the historic heart of Tavira City. It has evolved over the past three years with the young owners, Andy and Tamzin showing remarkable fortitude in pursuing their dream.

Calçada Guesthouse Tavir

Part of the structure of the building sits alongside the original Iron Age city wall of Tavira, so local archaeologists have been examining the fine details of this at all construction stages.

Calcada Guesthouse Tavir

There are six beautifully designed bedrooms, all en-suite, a spacious living and relaxing area and a stunning terrace area where breakfast is served (weather permitting) guests can enjoy the spectacular vistas of the wonderful city of Tavira.

A great place to relax and make your home during your visit to Tavira. Andy and Tamsin have a wealth of knowledge about the area and are will do everything they can to enhance you stay.

Have a look at the reviews for this splendid establishment and go ahead and book your stay at Calçada Guesthouse

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