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Getting to Tavira

Many of you will have your transport to Tavira arranged for you. That’s a wonderful relaxing way to begin your vacation (or business trip if that’s the case).

We have tried several different options but as one of us is a particularly impatient individual we always opted for driving. Initially hiring cars and then purchasing a left hand drive one in the UK and driving it to Tavira.

Car Hire firms are plentiful at Faro Airport but it is advisable to book from home especially in the high season. There is a Car Hire village at the airport that is situated on the right as you come out of the arrivals area. There are also a number of smaller agencies that will meet you once you are through the arrivals area. So just walk to the left as you enter the main airport foyer.

Faro Airport Arrivals Far

Faro Airport Arrivals

Taxis are available at Faro airport and if there are a number of you they can be a reasonable option. The prices are standardised so there shouldn't be any worries about unscrupulous taxi drivers. Taxi fares to Tavira work out around 45 Euro.

If you are on a low budget (and not carrying too much luggage) an option is to take the local bus to Faro and then hop on the train to Tavira. The train station and bus station are virtually next to each other in Faro.

If not , there are many ways to get to Tavira using the various transport options available. See the list below.

Praça da Padinha Tavira

Praça da Padinha Tavira

Transport in Tavira

The best form of transport once you are in Tavira City itself is your own two feet. If you are living away from the town centre, not able to walk too far or want to see what the rest of the Tavira area has to offer, there are many transport options to choose from.

Tavira Taxis offer an excellent service at reasonable prices. Car Hire can be arranged and the local buses offer good services to most of the outlying villages. For a number of local bus timetables visit our Tavira Bus Timetable pages that has updated local timetables

Tavira from Santa Ana Ermida Tavir

Tavira from Santa Ana Ermida

Getting to the beach

As you will probably have gathered by now, Tavira beaches are situated off the immediate coast on Ilha de Tavira and transport will be required to all of them.

From Tavira itself a regular boat service runs throughout the year. A more personalised service is also provided by the water taxis. A more detailed summary of getting to the beaches is outlined in the Tavira Beaches section.

Terra Estreita Beach, Santa Luzia

Terra Estreita Beach, Santa Luzia

Driving in and around Tavira

If your first experience of driving in Portugal is driving from the airport, take care. You might be from a country that traditionally drives on the left hand side of the road back home. When in this part of the world .. don’t . the locals don’t like it. Portugal like the majority of mainland Europe drives on the right.

Local tourist train, Tavira

Local tourist train, Tavira

The local drivers and many that come over from nearby Spain love to drive at speed. Use your mirrors at all times because you don’t see them coming. Suddenly there is a car, van or motorbike trying to get into your car boot. Don’t panic or get angry, just try to move over when at all possible

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